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Ever since its inception in 1959, the ACT has increased in popularity as an alternative entrance achievement test to the SAT. Today, ACT enrollment has surpassed that of the SAT. Many students who score low on the SAT do very well on the ACT, and almost every college accepts ACT scores.

In fact, the SAT responded to this competitive pressure by redesigning its test in March 2016 to look a lot like the ACT test! One day soon, it's possible colleges will come to prefer the ACT given the repeated cheating issues that have plagued the SAT and the SAT's crazy insistence on not investing the extra effort to create multiple copies of the exam to be given at each sitting. (It's really not that hard to grade and scale given the statistically significant numbers of test takers. End of rant.)

Here at FreeACTTestPrep, we want to provide you with an advantage on test day. We have all the test format information, guidelines, and tips (general tips and tips for each subject). We've summarized all the important information, so you can feel worry-free on test day!

About the ACT

The ACT contains multiple choice tests in four subject areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. It also includes an optional Writing Test.

Choosing a Test Date

Always keep in mind that it takes between four to eight weeks for ACT scores to be mailed out to both your colleges and you. For this reason, take note of the application deadlines for the colleges you plan to apply to.

Colleges typically prefer that students take the ACT exam in their junior year, which is when most students will have completed most of the coursework covered in the ACT. That test timing also means students have test scores in hand during the summer before their senior year, which is when colleges love to contact students. Also, taking the ACT in your junior year allows you the opportunity (in most cases) to retake the exam in the fall of your senior year should you end up being unhappy with your scores.

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